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AJJ Covers Silver Jews For Songs That Saved My Life


AJJ is a band with their own center. Essentially intertwining catchy hooks with indie sounds, the band has always followed their own path. Now as a part of the Songs That Saved My Life series from Hopeless Records, the band has added a Silver Jews cover that extends their fan base. What you’ll find with their rendition of “Candy Jail,” is that their own spin gets placed on the David Berman classic.


From the opening group vocals to the strummed guitar, the words of David Berman sound as great as ever. The multiple instruments that come in and leave offer a heft while the earnest words come across with as much power as they did when the original was released. AJJ sounds in their element here, offering a tone that shows how diverse they can be.

The song can be streamed above or on all streaming platforms. The song is available for purchase on Bandcamp as well.

Image Credits: Photo by Giana Caliolo.



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