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FEVER 333 To Perform Livestream Tonight with Proceeds to Charity


FEVER 333 Has always been a band who speaks their minds. Whether it be in their music or at their live shows, the band has always let people know where they stand. Now with all proceeds and donations going to Black Lives Matter and the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the band is livestreaming tonight. A statement from front man Jason Aalon Butler is below.

“This is a concentrated effort to encourage people to go beyond awareness and take action. With localized efforts in the name of justice for a specifically targeted group of people in this country, this will serve as an artistic activation as well as a platform to activate necessary measures for social and racial reformation. The advantages we predict we will see if crossing demographics musically in preset to proliferate a message that MUST find its way over the barriers of genre. Music and art have served as the catalyst for socially inclined movements for as long as we can remember, but for some reason, at a time where we are now granted the ability to see how deeply flawed our system is, we have slowed the charge for change. FEVER 333 has dedicated its entire platform to that change from its inception with its music, activism, even its own charity fund that sees a percentage of proceeds funneled from all profits the project receives. This is not a marketing method this is a tool for change. Please consider widening this message for the people with FEVER 333 by joining us in this effort.”

The livestream is available to view through the band’s website here tonight at 6:00 p.m. EST. It can also be viewed in the video link above.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Roadrunner Records.



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