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Meg & Dia Drop Happysad Remix E.P.


Meg & Dia have come a long way from a band that made their own compact discs and played on Warped Tour. In the last year alone we’ve seen them release a full length, drop a holiday album and tour pretty heavily. Now they’re offering up a remix E.P. as happysad Remixes, and the results are catchy and worth checking out.

On “Better at Being Young,” the track takes on a more R&B meets pop tone. With digital production techniques, the vocals sparkle while the song ticks up with a house beat underneath. On “Teenager” the song also lends itself to a more house pop tone. While “American Spirit” gets plenty of ambient touches, the closer of the four “Dear Heart” stands out the most. The West Coast Massive remix places the vocals at the front of the mix and lets things take a more natural progression. The music just under the vocals lets the duo’s voices be the highlight before things start bumping and the chopped side comes out.

The EP can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital outlets via Pure Noise Records. The original album happysad is available on various formats physically from Pure Noise Records as well.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Pure Noise Records.



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