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Arca Delivers Untamed Reggaeton Track with Rosalia


This Friday, KiCk i by Venezuela’s Arca will finally see the light of day. The long awaited album will finally prove more than ever that Arca is a producer ahead of everyone else. While the album will be out sooner than later, she’s teamed up with Rosalia for her latest single “KLK” and the track offers a next level reggaeton tone that’s hard to dislike.

Opening with a tone that hits immediately while vocals dance underneath the beat and clusters of percussion. The chopped sounds that follow while the vocals keep going offer a sound that’s on a level few get to hear. The reggaeton tones that flow get met with a computer music feel that just continues to keep you guessing while the vocals never relent.

“KLK” can be heard above or on all streaming sites. KiCk i is ready for preorder on physical formats directly from XL Recordings ahead of its June 26 release. 

Image Credits: Photo by Hart Leshkina.



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