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New Gordi Single Ahead of New Album is Extraordinary


Australia’s Gordi is releasing an album in a time when no one really knows how releases will go. While the time isn’t the prime, the music the artist has released off of Our Two Skins so far reveals that sometimes the music really speaks for itself. Between gorgeous arrangements and heavenly vocals, her music is on another level. Now with the new album dropping this Friday, her new single “Extraordinary Life” is proof that great music can come at you even when things aren’t exactly perfect.

While the video was shot in Bangkok when the pandemic started to become reality, the music is really the star here. There’s a heft underneath the track that blossoms with Gordi’s earnest delivery of the words. The piano and the beat help move the song along, though the actual depth and magnitude of the vocals is what truly stands out. Forcing you to pay attention to the words, the song washes over your ears with a sense of calm in a world where that emotion can often feel far away.

The video is viewable above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed on all streaming sites. Our Two Skins is available for preorder directly from Jagjaguwar ahead of its June 26 release. Gordi is scheduled to live-stream a set from the Sydney Opera House on July 25. More information about the set is available here

Image Credits: Photo by Jess Gleeson.



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