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Fenne Lily Announces New Album & Unveils Upbeat New Single


Not too long ago, Bristol’s Fenne Lily caught our ears, and we were amazed at the way she constructs music. With pop touches and indie vibes, the songs we heard made us wonder why she didn’t have a proper follow up to her 2018 release On Hold. Now that day has arrived as she’s just announced a new album BREACH set for release in September. While we all wait for that date to come, her new single “Alapathy” offers a catchy pace and plenty of hook filled notes.

With the drums sounding like they’re coming from down the hall, the guitars come in with a heft and melodic ring. The vocals are soft and unnerved enough to stand out beneath the squeals of feedback and upbeat structuring. Steering from a typical British sound, the way the song is catchy but not pop laden, the hook that rolls in a like nosey neighbor feels organic and not rehearsed. There’s a swath of gingerly and boundless chime in her guitars that meet her voice in a balance that stays with you without bombarding you. The video features Fenne Lily experiencing life at home, out in nature and around Bristol while matching up with the fervent tones of the track.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream wherever you stream music. BREACH is available for preorder on various formats directly from Dead Oceans before its September 18 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Nicole Loucaides.



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