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Deradoorian Delivers on Latest Single


Deradoorian may be one of the more intriguing artists you’ll hear in modern music. Transfixed on melding together multiple genres and influences, her music is in its own space. With a new album Find The Sun set for release in September, the full length will nothing if not the opposite of most music you will hear. Her new single “Corsican Shores” proves that theory while never relenting on its creative energy.

The magical pace is set by brush stroked drums. Their catchy sound starts things off and they never leave. Flanked with multiple instruments that land and take off again, the vocals have a distanced feel that’s as if they’re quietly coming from another room. The song has hints of minimalism as well as dual vocals and chord changes that keep your ears alert. There’s little here that’s not desirable, even at times when the vocals go into their own space between hitting high notes or just talk singing. It’s all stunning.

“Corsican Shores” can be heard above of on all streaming platforms. Find The Sun is ready to be preordered on multiple formats ahead of its September 18 release directly from Anti Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Sean Stout.



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