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Kelly Lee Owens Gets Rustic on New Single


Welsh techno producer and musician Kelly Lee Owens makes the kind of music that you can get down to. While sometimes she offers up something more full bodied than the typical dance track, her latest single “On” proves that she has more up her sleeve than just a good groove. Taken from her forthcoming album Inner Song due in August, the track has plenty of animated tones that give it more heft without weighing you down.

The vocals that open the single have a wispy air to them. As the track progresses, these elemental sounds build the overall affect while the vocals gain plenty of magnitude. There’s something grandiose in how the song is arranged while never feeling ostentatious. Owens finds a way to continuously mix electronic notes while advancing the orchestrated sound as her vocals build in heft and wash over you like a Spring breeze. As the electronics get heavier and heavier, the song takes on a whole new demeanor that will bop your head before the vocals return to pass by like a thief in the night. You’ve not heard anything like it before. The video shot primarily from a car window pairs perfectly with the haunting touches of the track.

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. “On” is ready to stream on all platforms. Inner Song can be preordered on various formats directly from Smalltown Supersound ahead of its August 28 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Kim Hiorthoy.



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