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Ben Folds Drops New Song & Lyric Video


Above everything else, Ben Folds should be seen first and foremost as a songwriter. The pianist and vocalist made quite the name for himself as the leader of Ben Folds Five, and his solo career has given us more than enough catchy gems. But with his new single “2020” he sums up the year perfectly while delivering a one two punch that shows how strong of a songwriter he really is.

Opening with stark piano jabs, Folds wastes no time in setting the mood. Beneath his soft and sweet voice, the earnestness of his words resonate more than most songs do. The upbeat pacing holds your ears, but the lyrics are where the magic lies. In a year that seems to top itself in matters of suck, lucky for us this single certainly sounds better than the year feels.

The lyric video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream in all streaming sites as well. 

Image Credits: Photo by Joe Vaughn.



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