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H.C. McEntire Reveals Stirring New Single & Sophomore Album Details


North Carolina’s H.C. McEntire creates the kind of music that washes over you and latches on to your soul. With a new sophomore album Eno Axis recently announced, the full length coming in August should turn some heads. Between her enigmatic vocals and superior songwriting, her new single “Time, On Fire” should resonate heavily with anyone who hears it. Its accompanying video feels right at home with these current times as well.

Beginning with notes that howl into the air, the song gets ticked up between McEntire’s soulful voice and a hearty riff. With touches of piano and a synth based undercurrent, the guitar finds its way in without deterring you from all that the singer songwriter can do with her voice. The graceful way in which she approaches the verse, the steady pacing of how the instruments all blend together and the open ended way in which the song is laid out is masterful and makes you want for more. In the video as a fire blazes as McEntire interacts with nature feels about right when time in our spaces is all that we have.

The video is viewable above of on YouTube. “Time, On Fire” can be streamed on all streaming sites. Eno Axis is available for preorder directly from Merge Records before its August 21 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Heather Evans Smith.



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