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Mountain Time Reveals Tim Kasher Directed Video


Now that the debut album Music For Looking Animals by Mountain Time is out, the band lead by Chris Simpson of Mineral is ready to drop the one two punch. The one being the beautifully crafted warmth of the album, and the two being a new video for “Rosemary, Etc.” Directed by Tim Kasher of the band Cursive and starring Jess Price of Campdogzz, the clip should drive home that the album is not to be missed.

The video features a woman looking back upon a life once lived. That memory of having to regretfully return a hat from someone whose life she copied leads to cross country adventures. Whether it be grifting from a grave, turning a mark or just preaching the gospel for handouts. While Kasher makes an appearance alongside Price, the song shines as much as the video. One of the many upbeat songs from the album, the addition of horns that run underneath Simpson’s vocals make it one you can’t forget.

The video can be seen above or on YouTube. Music For Looking Animals is available on various vinyl variants directly from Spartan Records

Image Credits: Photo by Daniel Cavazos.



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