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Pottery Utilizes New Reintegrated Post Punk Style on Debut Full Length


Last year Canada’s Pottery delivered a solid E.P. with No. 1. It took may by surprise because in some ways it felt like the band came out of left field. Playing post punk, the E.P. gave way to the hosting tones of what would come next. What was delivered is the band’s new full length album Welcome to Bobby’s Motel. Where the E.P. has a straightforward and more traditional post punk guise, the full length steers closer into sounds that remind you of how Talking Heads and later, Parquet Courts added new tones and sounds to re-imagine what post punk could be.

The opening track is fevered and snappy, and “Welcome to Bobby’s Motel” in many ways prepares your ears for the barrage of intrigue that will follow. “Hot Heater” takes thematic elements of traditional post punk and adds plenty of rhythmic elements. This is the band offering that Talking Heads sound. While it works, it’s nothing new and not very inventive. This could be said for “Bobby’s Forecast” as well as “What’s in Fashion?,” though the latter treads closer to the solo work of David Byrne.

But while these aren’t really lifts but possibly homages, when the band stays on the path of the post punk vibe is where things work best. “Under the Wires” is a mix of the two where “NY Inn” is more manageable. In fact the latter is one of the more interesting tracks of the album. The real elemental change is when the band takes a path that’s more experimental on “Reflection.” Taking in synths and a more chillwave side of the genre, the band really shows that they can be more than a group that’s reinterpreting what’s come before them. The album is far from boring, but it’s difficult to say how much of it is inventive as it is been there, heard that.

Welcome to Bobby’s Motel is available on multiple formats from Partisan Records. It can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital outlets. Pottery is scheduled to perform at Best Kept Secret 2021 in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands on June 12 2021.

Image Credits: Photo by Luke Orlando.

David Garrick

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