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Japandroids Bring Heat on New Live Album


Japandroids have always been that band that proved in a live setting, that two guys can do as much as many. Over the years the band has expanded their sound while still keeping personnel low. On their new live album Massey Fucking Hall the duo spans cross their catalog to offer proof of their live power.

Opening with a new song “Near To The Wild Heart of Life,” the band brings more energy than you’d expect if you’ve never caught them before. They head into “Fire’s Highway” quickly from Celebration Rock, and keep the energy burning. While they don’t waste time here, they do have moments between the songs thanking everyone. There’s plenty here to like while you can feel the heft of the duo playing out. The new songs like “Arc Of Bar” and “North East South West” hit like you want while the older tracks including the closer “The House That Heaven Built” don’t lose their importance.

The album is ready to stream or purchase digitally. The vinyl can be preordered directly from Anti Records before its October 02 release.

Image Credits: Photo by John Ordean.



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