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Public Enemy “Fight The Power” Remix Performance on BET Awards is Powerful


In 1989 when Public Enemy released the track “Fight The Power’ as part of the soundtrack to the Spike Lee film ‘Do The Right Thing,’ it stood out as music with a message. The song, later placed on the group’s album Fear of a Black Planet was proof that hip hop could have more weight than critics of the time had given the genre. Now over thirty years later, the group has revisited the song with new verses from Nas, YG, Black Though of The The Roots, Rhapsody alongside Chuck D and Flavor Flav’s original verses as well. The track with a new opening got the 20th BET Awards show started the other night, and the power of the track still rang true.

The opening sung by a young man hits so hard that it resonates today more than ever. Once that needle drops you get chills as Chuck D’s opening hits exactly like you remember. All of the new rhymes sound on point before the chorus comes in alongside imagery from recent protests, as do the words from every featured artist. Every new verse delivers words that must be heard while the track still bumps to this very day. The power of the song is still as heavy as it was when it was released, as you’re reminded that there’s multiple reasons why Public Enemy are the legends that they are.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The original version is available to stream or to purchase in all digital outlets. 

Image Credits: Still Courtesy of BET.

David Garrick

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