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James Elkington Covers The Zombies & Reveals New Single for Charity


James Elkington has always had a way of getting that sound that feels like it’s for the people. With his latest full length Ever-Roving Eye, he showed that his music is on a grander scale without turning into a different genre. Now to raise money for Black Lives Matter Chicago, he’s released two new songs on Bandcamp.


The Zombies cover “Beachwood Park” is understated and soft here. Away from the original, here the song is the same yet Elkington finds a way to delve into his own strengths and gives you a completely new version. With more noodling and Elkington’s vocals, the cover takes a new turn in terms of sound and birth.

For “Corridor Country,” the outtake from Ever-Roving Eye contains plenty of finger picking. Against Elkington’s calm vocals, the sway between the guitar and vocals offers up an intriguing tone. The meandering nature of the song offers plenty of down home vibes without deterring what James Elkington has become known for.

Both songs are for sale through the Paradise of Bachelors Bandcamp with all proceeds going towards Black Lives Matter Chicago. Ever-Roving Eye is also available from Paradise of Bachelors on multiple formats.

Image Credits: Photo by Timothy Musho.



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