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METZ Releases Live EP on Bandcamp Today


Canadian trio METZ has really done no wrong when it comes to intense music they’ve released. Form the band’s early years to their rarities release Automat, they’ve delivered time and time again. However as great as their albums are, their live sets are almost mythical. Guitars in the air and almost worn like jackets being torn off while the drums sound like they’re about to explode, the band is live is worth checking out. Today on Bandcamp you can hear for yourself. On Live at Ramsgate Music Hall, the band tears through four tracks like a knife to butter with ease and you need to experience it.


The four songs were recorded at the U.K. venue in May of 2018. The opener “Cellophane” is just as intense and wild as you want. There’s an element of chaos that the song brings but here it’s like getting punched in the mouth. The same could be said about “Nervous System” that plays out like the world is coming to an end. Of course such a sound is what these guys bring to their live show. So the intensity of “Raw Materials” and “Acetate” here just make you remember their raw power from when you caught them the last time.

The four song EP is available to stream on Bandcamp or to purchase digitally from Bandcamp. The funds raised are pay what you can until July 5 and will go to support Ramsgate Music Hall who have been closed due to COVID-19. 

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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