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New Self Titled Fitna Album is Searing From Start to Finish


As far as bands go, few have the raw energy to fill a release with unbridled energy. In the punk world that isn’t really the case though where most of the bands have a chaotic mix of energy and power. Every once and a while a band is made up of one person and they have the energy of multiple people. Houston’s Fitna is made up of one person but since the album wasn’t recorded live as an ensemble, you wouldn’t notice by how their latest full length S/T plays out. Through eight tracks the sound is raw and loud, while the startling tones capture your attention at every turn.


The opening song “Blame” has plenty of raw energy between the shouted vocals and the closed riff guitar. Between the feedback and the snappy punk drums, there’s more dystopian waste that lends itself towards a searing introduction to the project. This is followed up by “7 Circles” which has a real Jesus Lizard tone in the instrumentation, yet the vocals sound like they’re being delivered from a room across the hall. The vocals and backing vocals steer the ship towards a sound that’s closer to the noise punk of METZ than anything else, but nothing here is taken either.

While tracks like “Interlude” and “Amir Ko Kayan” feel like they’re more about the message than the direction of the music, they also seem to fit here with this album. And while “Omid/Mirror” has plenty of heft and “Doubt” has enough energy to knock down a two story home, the favorite of the album comes on “Vacuum.” Beginning with the ring of squeal before descending into a two guitar measure that pounds and confounds your ears, the intensity to the song is undeniable. The way the vocals are mixed low down means you either have to pay close attention to the words or completely forget about their existence. Either way, it’s noise punk at the level of multiple members, even if it’s just one.

S/T is available to purchase in all digital outlets or on Bandcamp. The album is also available to stream on all streaming platforms.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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