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Velveteen Echo Unveils New Video Shot in a Dead City


Since the pandemic hit, every major city has had its moments of almost no activity. While Texas has been a state where the leaders were resistant to rules, Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S. thus making shooting a video nearly impossible. However for Velveteen Echo, the task became easy when they realized it could be done before masks and rules were strengthened, and before any set parameters for its citizens to live by. Shot primarily late at night, the group’s new video for the song “Atoms” from their E.P. Golden Ring shows the wondrous side of living in a time when almost no one is around, even in a place as vast as Houston.

With footage shot at Rice University, the video opens alongside the meandering guitar that gets the song going. Switching to a dark stairwell, the visuals pair perfectly with the swell of the guitars while the sway of the camera goes hand in hand with what you’re hearing. The slow moments in reverse work with the haunting notes of the song, where the brighter shots are bookmarked with shots of a city almost desolated. Even the images off the beach look like they’re coming from a space long deserted by society. The shocking imagery shows where we are as a society from the strongest track off the group’s E.P.

The video is available to stream above or on YouTube. “Atoms” can be streamed on all streaming platforms. Golden Ring is ready to purchase on cassette tape or on compact disc directly from Bandcamp. It can also be purchased in all digital outlets.

Image Credits: Photo by Vincent Briseno.

David Garrick

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