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Bully Delivers All of the Rock on New Single


Now that we’re all excited for the upcoming full length SUGAREGG by Nashville’s Bully, anything the band does continues to thrill our ears in anticipation of the album. The band who has never shied away from putting fuzzy guitar rock back into the ears of those who missed it for so long, returns ready to deliver more of that sound. On their new single “Every Tradition” the group proves they’ll deliver on every turn while the video reminds you who’s at the helm of the band’s music.

Opening with hearty distortion based notes, the hook is so immediate that it immediately pulls you in. The vocals work in tandem here, sandwiched between the guitars and percussion. Singer and guitarist Alicia Bognanno isn’t flexing here, but where most guitarists wouldn’t add a run down the fret board, she does so with ease and charm. The video is colorful and represents the energy of the song well, featuring Bognanno singing and reacting to the music as it plays out.

The video for “Every Tradition” can be streamed above or on YouTube. The song is streamable on all platforms. SUGAREGG is available for preorder on various formats and bundles from Sub Pop Records before its August 21 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Angelina Castillo.

David Garrick

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