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Jump Rope Gazers Proves The Beths Get Better With Age


New Zealand four piece The Beths have won over so many people in the short time they’ve been together. Their debut album garnered praise and fans alike while their touring in the states made them more of a household name. With their new album Jump Rope Gazers out today, they prove that they’re more than just another catchy indie rock band but rather a force in modern indie rock that’s growing with each release.

While The Beths have always had that classic indie rock sound that fell between a smarter version of early Weezer and a more melodic version of Superchunk, here they’re closer to a band like Promise Ring. With all of the hooks and well crafted melodies from the album, the real focus you’ll take away is th vocal strengths of not only the lead, but the backing vocals as well. The opening song “I’m Not Getting Excited” shows the strengths of the band. Hook riddled, catchy and melodic singing and an overall sound that pulls you in. While this occurs again on “Dying to Believe,” and with “Acrid,” the way the verses are recorded and the way the album is arranged is pretty perfect. There’s just something that sets the band apart from their contemporaries where they not only give you all that you want from a catchy indie rock band, but they give you more than you thought could exist.

Where the band expands again is on the slower tracks. “Do You Want Me Now,” “You Are a Beam of Light” and “Just Shy of Sure” are all slower in their timing, the band’s approach shouldn’t go unnoticed. “You Are a Beam of Light” especially shines as Liz Stokes sings a heartfelt tone above an acoustic that not only keeps you listening, but tugs at your soul at the same time. The extra backing vocals create a tone that’s well ahead of so many others without feeling sappy or contrived. Of the ten tracks there are plenty you could say are you favorites, “Out of Sight” is one that really stands out. Opening with a melody filled solo guitar, the band quickly turns to the distortion pedal and takes you right where you want. The drums and the other instruments mesh so well with the vocals that the song will keep your head bopping after it plays. In many ways, Jump Rope Gazers shows a band continually growing, or at least it’s a nerly perfect indie rock album.

The album is ready to purchase in various formats and bundles from Carpark Records. It can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital outlets. The Beths are scheduled to appear at The Powerstation in Auckland, NZ on July 11 until April 25, 2021 at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium. Their complete tour schedule is accessible here.

Image Credits: Photo by Mason Fairey.

David Garrick

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