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June of 44 Announce Return with New Album


For anyone outside of the know, in the mid-nineties there was an explosion of independent music. Alongside the emo core sub genre, indie rock, college rock and post rock bands emerged and toured more than anyone on a major label at the time. One of the best and most enigmatic of them was June of 44. Siphoning tones that were more math rock and heady, their string of releases between their debut Engine Takes to the Water and their final album Anahata were some of the best records of their time. Now after 21 years, the original lineup is back with a new album titled Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival due in August.

The eight track album includes a reinterpretation of the song “Recorded Syntax” off of their 1999 album Anahata. Now titled “Re-Recorded Syntax,” the album was recorded David Lenci in Oakland last year and should delight fans old and new at the same time.

The album is ready to preorder directly from Broken Clover Records on various formats ahead of its August 07 release date.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Southern Records.



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