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The 100 gecs Remix Album is What We All Need Right Now


Right now the biggest buzzworthy name going is Midwest duo 100 gecs. The St.Louis two piece has an immediacy to everything they create including their remixes. On their remixed album 1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues they not only bring out big names, but they add more craziness to their already crazed sound.

What sets the PC Music duo apart is that 100 gecs has a different approach to the sub genre. Mixing in hip hop, emo, chiptune and various elements to craft a sound that’s closer to experimental pop than the norm in the music industry. With features from the likes of Charli XCX, Dorian Electra, Fallout Boy and Kero Kero Bonito, the release has plenty of sparkle to its sound. “money machine (A.G. Cook remix)” is a trip that opens the album up. The starry-eyed and autotuned craziness of “745 sticky (Injury Reserve Remix)” offers all sorts of wild tones while still bumping along with ease.

The album contains gems from “800 db cloud (Ricco Harver Remix)” that sounds like the computer took over and “ringtone (umru Remix)” that’s like hearing music underwater. And while it’s nice that the duo makes Fallout Boy have some relevance again, it’s their “ringtone (Remix) (Featuring Charli XCX, Rico Nasty and Kero Kero Bonito)” that really offers the highest glaze of shimmer. Taking the pop nuance from each artist and placing them of full display, the duo takes their PC Music based sound to an all new level.

The album is ready to stream on all streaming sites or to purchase in all digital outlets. It can also be purchased in various bundle or vinyl colorways from Dog Show Records.

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