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IDLES Reveal New Single & Video


Bristol’s IDLES have never been a band short on energy or emotion With a new album Ultra Mono coming in late September, the singles that the band has released so far offer plenty of weight to their sound. On Their new single “A Hymn” they don’t disappoint again while the video will definitely make you think about those close to you in these times.

There’s a haunting touch to the song. Reeling with careening guitars and a droning rhythm, the shouted group vocals in the background add to the heft of the track. The vocals stick with you as they come from a dark tone, the band is taking the slow build to new places. But as intense as the track gets in its build it trails off and throws you for a loop. The video featuring each member of the band with a family member en route to a shopping area feels more personal than anything else.

The video is available to watch above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream on all platforms. Ultra Mono can be preordered directly from Partisan Records on various bundles and formats ahead of its September 25 street date. IDLES will be performing three live-stream sets on August 29 and August 30. The details for those sets are available here.

Image Credits: Photo by Lindsay Melbourne.



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