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Dehd Gambles on New Album & It Pays Off


Chicago three piece Dehd created post punk sounds on their debut album Water intertwined within indie rock structures. With a tour that followed, the band’s powerful performances left crowds who caught them in awe. On their new album Flower Of Devotion, they take the energy of the live sets and a heartier set of arrangements and deliver an extraordinary release. While taking new bold steps and bold directions with their music, the trio gambles and it pays off in leaps and bounds.

From the opening track “Desire,” it’s obvious that the band is firing on all cylinders. Evoking more tone and a cathartic release of sounds, the way the vocals go from anthemic to dual creates a fuller sound than you may be used to from the band. But it’s not a bad touch. In fact throughout the album there’s more than enough larger sounds that are better produced but not overly produced. The catchy and upbeat sound of “Desire,” the gut wrenching sound of “Month” and the woozy and honest sounds on “Disappear” all signal change for a band that’s growing for the better.

But there are also songs that just up the ante here. The trio still has post punk leanings with aggression, but less lo-fi exchanged for more melodic vocals. Where “Flood” feels like a rush of emotion or where “Letter” hits as hard as a ton of bricks there’s also plenty of structuring that’s ahead of it’s time. “Nobody” has a reverb soaked sound that feels like it’s steps from a beach based track and “Apart” is full of eighties pacing that offers a happy-go-lucky sound to counter act the melancholy lyrics. However of the thirteen tracks the favorite comes on “Drip Drop.” The electronic based opening lends itself to this reeling guitar that pairs perfectly with the distanced and dark vocals. Swaying in its writing, the backing vocals add so much weight that your ears are rewarded with a sound that pays off each time you play it. The wholel abum is wondrous and well crafted, and shows that Dehd is growing more and more with each release.

Flower Of Devotion is available in multiple formats and bundles directly from Fire Talk Records. It’s also ready to purchase in all digital outlets or to stream wherever you stream music.

Image Credits: Photo by Alexa Viscius.

David Garrick

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