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KLLO Delivers Smooth Tones on New Album


Melbourne electro-pop duo KLLO have never really made the kind of music that was what someone directed of them. In the years they’ve been together they’ve exhibited a sound that falls between dance pop and soulful intimacy that isn’t the norm in modern pop music. On their new full length Maybe We Could they expand on that sound and take things further into their own lane.

What makes the album stand out is how the duo constructs music. Placing a dance beat underneath a tender voiced burner isn’t something really anyone else does nowadays. The opener “Cursed” mixes these elements well, as does the following track “Still Here.” there’s a haunting tone in the vocals while this trip hop beat plays underneath. As the album plays out, this sound becomes the norm and it works well together.

“My Gemini” lets the vocals and soulful sound take the lead before the beat comes in. “Ironhand” has a more bedroom pop sound that slowly stirs your emotions while the beat stays in time like a night time jam. But the best track of the ten comes with “A Mirror.” The way the song’s electronics fall all over various time signatures is one thing. However the piano and the vocals start with a minimal approach that shouldn’t work, yet it does. The mesmerizing measure in which the song plays out holds your attention while the duo continus to mix things up and draw you closer and closer.

Maybe We Could is ready to purchase on various vinyl variants directly from Ghostly International. The album can also be purchased in digital outlets of streamed through all streaming services.

Image Credits: Photo by Edward Goldner.



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