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Dawes Shares New Song & Announces Upcoming Album


In recent years Dawes has started shedding more of their original folk rock sound for a more straight rock tone. With a new album Good Luck With Whatever just announced for release in October, the California band has revealed the lead single “Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?” Delivered with a new video as well, the song shows more of that rock sound that works in every corner.

The song feels a bit like the work of Tom Petty. With a vocal that plays out at the opening above a speedy riff and snappy drums. As the track plays on, thing get fuller and more lush. Backing vocals come in and a piano helps drive the verse. Ticking up to a more grand feel, the song plays out like older eras of rock music where the instruments out shined the production.

You can watch the video above or on YouTube. The single can be streamed on all streaming platforms. Good Luck With Whatever can be preordered in multiple bundles and formats from Hub Records before it drops October 02.

Image Credits: Photo by Magdalena Wosinka.



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