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Fruit Bats Reveal “Today” Cover Off Siamese Dream Cover Album


Since the mid nineties, Fruit Bats have released stirring songs to a captive audience. While their last full length Gold Past Life had plenty of catchy pop melodies, the band seems to be ready to tackle a new obstacle. The cover album. We say cover over covers because they’re tackling one artist’s work and particularly one album, Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins.

Soft and tender, the cover is their own and far away from the blistering notes of the original. Here Fruit Bats offer a sound that is the song, but their own delightful twist on it at the same time. The vocals alone sway more than the original while the acoustic guitar offers a softer side of the song. The arrangements between the orchestral notes and the traditional instruments delivers a one two punch that’s difficult to dislike.

The cover of “Today” can be heard above or on all streaming platforms. Siamese Dream by Fruit Bats is available directly from Turntable Lab’s Sounds Delicious limited run vinyl subscription service before its August 21 release.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Merge Records.



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