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BEANS Revel in Psych Tones on New Album


You don’t have to be able to locate Geelong, Australia on a map many times in your life. Of course you may want to find it after you hear the psych rock sounds of the band BEANS. The five piece group has been doing just fine on their own whether you’ve heard of them or not. On their sophomore release All Together Now, they not only make their presence throughout stronger, they leave a mark. With songs that sway between seventies glam and psych rock, the group makes the kind of music you can’t walk away from.


The opening track “Montgomery” steers down a path that’s arranged and laid out like a modern day version of something Jeff Lynne would have made. The band does these group vocals that mesh well between the riffs and the organ that give off a full sound that you don’t always hear without an over producer sound. While the following song “Stride” heads a little further down the psych path, it’s still well written and almost glam infused rock.

This wondrous and spacey tone flow throughout the release. “Melt” drips with tone and choral vocals that take yo to another place. “Get It Right” has a real off off Broadway sound, like it’s 1976 and the band is just waiting for the perfect roller disco to put on a show. But with all of the throwback sounds, the favorite track of the nine comes on “Lay It Out.” Straight forward rock with psych underpinnings, the song has a thunderous tone that’s difficult to find faults with. The guitar work here flows between psych and glam while touching on seventies metal. The band is stretching out here, full of prog organ and distanced heaviness. It’s definitely a great sound to round out an album that sounds like it was made in another universe.

All Together Now is available from Flightless Records. It’s also available in all digital outlets or it can be streamed on all platforms.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Flightless Records.



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