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Tricky Delves Into the Dark on New Single


For years now Tricky has proven that he’s a producer on another level. Intermingling trip hop and other sub genres into electronica, he’s just ahead of most in the game. Now he’s dropped a new single “Thinking Of (feat. Marta)” off of his upcoming album Fall To Pieces and it’s a dark reminder of what he can bring to a track.


While the tones within the track may have an ominous feel, the beat is on point and the vocals from Marta are uplifting. Much like a song bird singing after the first rain, her vocals offer a sunny disposition in a song that has plenty of sounds that go deep and go even harder. The beat and the production here are both on par for what the producer has become known for.

The song is ready to stream on all streaming platforms. Fall To Pieces is available for preorder on various formats directly from False Idols before its September 04 release date. Tricky will be on tour beginning February 02 at Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen, Denmark until March 30 at Atlas in Kiev, Ukraine. His complete tour schedule is available here. Due to COVID-19, these dates could be subject to change.

Image Credits: Photo by Erik Weiss.



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