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Osees Announce New Album and Unleash New Song


You may need a Cray super computer to track all that John Dwyer has going on. But as one who never slows down, he’s announced that Thee Oh Sees, now under the moniker Osees have a new album Protean Threat coming in September. The lead single “Dreary Nonsense” is right up the band’s alley as it’s quick and furious with plenty of squeals and hooks.


The song runs a couple of hairs above a minute and a half. But within that shorter run time there’s a lot to behold. The catchy stride of the song has plenty of the more rock based themes the band has become known for. Within the squeals of guitar and the thundering drums, little squeaks pop up and the vocals keep everything in check. What the album will ultimtely be will be anyone’s guess, though it should be as good a the band’s catalog.

“Dreary Nonsense” is ready to stream above or on all streaming sites. Protean Threat is ready to preorder directly from Castleface Records before its September 18 release date. 

Image Credits: Photo by Oliver Halfin.



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