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Personal Trainer Shares Punky New Single


Philadelphia and Brooklyn based trio Personal Trainer released their debut single back in February and it had all of the tones of straight ahead indie rock. However with their new single “What’s Left” the three piece steers towards a more punk sound while still holding a sound that’s easy to like and easier to get into.

While the video feels like a Zoom meeting in the most fun office, the song is where the real sorcery lies. Dual vocals mix with screams and a fuzzy bass. The drums pop while the guitar parts create hooks that don’t leave you after hearing them. There’s just something that works here where the vocals and backing vocals create one vibe while the instrumentation delivers another. However both work in unison while showing off another side to the trio’s sound.

The video is available to watch on YouTube or above. The single is ready to stream on all streaming sites or it can be purchased in all digital outlets.

Image Credits: Photo by Lauren Moetell.



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