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Spoon Reissues Telephono & Soft Effects Available Separately


Back when Austin’s Spoon released their debut Telephono, they were vastly different than the band they are now. The album was good but their sound steered a bit from what we’ve known them for. Their follow-up E.P. Soft Effects was where the band began shaping the sound they still have today. For the longest time after their initial pressings, they were packaged together. However now you can get each as an independent vinyl as part of the band’s reissue series Slay On Cue.

While there were a couple of songs on Telephono similar to what the band does now, Soft Effects was a true seed for the band. Recorded by John Croslin, his techniques would be utilized by the band in capturing future albums. With “Not Turning Off” as the gem off of Telephono, tracks like “Mountain To Sound,” “Waiting For The Kid to Come Out” and “I Could See The Dude.” All of these songs signaled a sea change in how the band wrote, arranged and recorded music moving forward. Croslin would also record the band’s next full length, A Series of Sneaks.

Both Telephono and the Soft Effects E.P. are available directly from Matador Records on vinyl. They can also be purchased in all digital outlets or streamed on all streaming sites.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Matador Records.



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