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Touche Amore Announce New Album & Reveal New Single Featuring Andy Hull


For as long as they’ve been together, Touche Amore has been a group that’s willing to push themselves. For the recording of their newly announced album Lament, the band took themselves to record with producer Ross Robinson to not only deliver the best sound, but to push themselves to make better music. The full length is set for release in October and the lead single “Limelight” clues you in on the work behind it. Featuring Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, the song is the most forward work of the five piece band’s career.


The biggest take away here is the mix of melodic guitar that intermingles with the vocals. While at times the vocals feel like they’re almost on their own here, they also offer that harsh crunch that the band has employed since their beginning. When Hull comes in on secondary vocals it works and sounds as if it’s meant to be. Intertwined with the screamy side of the band, the intense touches aren’t lost with the melodic ones.

The song is available to stream above or on all streaming sites. Lament is available to preorder directly from Epitaph Records ahead of its October 09 release.

Image Credits: Photo by George Clarke.



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