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Loma Returns With New Album & New Single


Two years ago when Loma released their debut album the group made their mark with swirling tons and immense arrangements. After some time away and work from the members outside of the project, they’re back in a big way. A new album titled Don’t Shy Away has been announced and ready for release in October. With a track produced by the one and only Brian Eno, the thoughts of what the album could be make your mind race. Their lead single “Ocotillo” starts the wonder with a sound, not produced by Eno that evokes well placed instrumentation and rock solid songwriting.

The opening notes between the drums and the bass get met with orchestral sounds and a woodwind. The guitar rings and echoes like it’s coming from another era and the vocals stroll in and immediately hook your ears. The sound and at times lack of it create a sonic landscape that stirs you while the mix of instruments reminds you of a time when albums were more than just two dimensional. The video features landscapes of what could be the West Texas desert, matching with the dense music and creating a hypnotic vision to go with the song.

The lyric video ca be watched above or on YouTube. The song is available to stream on all streaming sites. Don’t Shy Away is ready for preorder on various formats directly from Sub Pop Records ahead of its October 23 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Brian C Parker.



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