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Wye Oak Proves They’re Constantly Evolving with New EP


Few bands come around that evolve as rapidly and as successfully as indie pop duo Wye Oak. Over the years fans and casual listeners will notice their consistent change while seeming to get better and better with each turn. On their new E.P. No Horizon featuring The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, the duo continues to expand while delivering their most signifigant growth so far.


From the opening track “AEIOU” it’s obvious that the band is doing something different here. With electronic notes and a vocal chorus that’s expansive and hypnotic, by arrangements alone the song is on another level. The choral vocals create a space that few inhabit while the pedal drenched guitars open the song up in new ways. Jenn Wasner’s vocals offer a heavenly counter balance to the youth without feeling separated by any notes. While “No Place” has a head bopping stride and “Spitting Image” feels like it’s coming from a time far away from the present, the clearest winner of the five is on the closing track.

“Sky Witness” takes all of the orchestrated movements and all of the vocals from everyone involved and offers them up like the greatest gift your ears can receive. The melodic tones from the band get met with the chorus to hone in on a calm we all need right now. The up mixture of Wasner’s voice with the youth chorus creates a sound that feels like warm air touching your cold extremities. It’s all very well sculpted without feeling heady or over the top. It’s honest and embracing, delivering what everyone needs right now-a little hope.

The EP is ready to purchase directly from Merge Records. It’s also available in digital outlets including Bandcamp. It can be streamed on al streaming sites as well. 

Image Credits: Photo by Lissa Gotwals.



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