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Garcia Peoples Announces New Album & Reveals New Single


Where some bands can’t or don’t want to embrace the vibe of what they’re creating, that’s never been a problem for Garcia Peoples. With the lustre of a group who seems to really soak in the moment and go with it, the band has criss crossed between being a psych haze based rock band and a jam band. While it’s been a year since their last proper full length, today they’re back. With a new album Nightcap At Wits’ End set for release in October, the lead single “One at a Time” really showcases how in the moment the band can truly be.

With the animated video, things seem to just work together between the hypnotic tones and well arranged instruments. The song falls between the band’s jam base and their straight rock touches. While the vocals are a nice spot, the music here feels like it’s in the moment and without pause. Almost as if each member is just “going for it” and the result is a harmonic ride that takes you through a swirled landscape of energy.

Feel free to view the video above. Stream the single on all platforms. Or preorder Night Cap At Wits’ End directly from Beyond Beyond Is Beyond ahead of its October 09 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Lily Shea.



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