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beabadoobee is The New Artist You Need to Know


For a minute now the word was out on London’s beabadoobee. We’d heard good things about the vocalist to the point that we were floored when we finally experienced her indie rock sound. Her guitar skill set mixed with her voice creates a magical sound. Now that her debit album Fake It Flowers is coming in October, her latest single “Sorry” should make you her newest fan.

While the video is well crafted in showing the artist making her way about our quarantined world, or performing in a field on her own; it’s the music that really sticks. The way in which the song is crafted is different but still relevant. The slow build broken up by stints of guitar squeal and rhythm changes helps keep your ears perked. Mix in beabadoobee’s soft vocals, and you’re hooked before things blast off. Those searing riffs come back and take the song in a more frenzied direction while the vocals never tick up in a way that delivers a catchy track that’s not poppy and still delivers plenty of edge.

The video can be watched above or on YouTube. Fake It Flowers is available to preorder physically directly from Dirty Hit Records ahead of its release on October 16.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Primary Talent.

David Garrick

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