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The Microphones Reveal New Album Via Film


Phil Elverum can do whatever he wishes. When it was announced that The Microphones would be making a return, what Microphones in 2020 wasn’t exactly pronounced. Now as we hear the 44 minute song that stretches out into a full album, the scope of Elverum’s genius is on full display. Not to be outdone with the concept, he’s also revealed the album as a film. While the music is on a level that evokes emotion and energy, the film is no slouch itself.


The video is disabled for playback on other sites, but the album’s steady stream of consciousness offers imagery of its own. While the film encapsulates moments in time, the music eases its way into your ears and never leaves. Few albums can play out and not become tedious, yet it gets done here and keeps you wanting more.

The film can be seen on YouTube, or streamed on Bandcamp. Microphones in 2020 is ready to preorder directly from P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd. on vinyl or compact disc.

Image Credits: Photo by Kelly Hancock.



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