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Alice Glass Drops Intense New Song


Alice Glass as a figure in music can’t be stopped. Her solo career has had so much good music that it’s an amazing ride to behold. Now she’s added a new track “NIGHTMARES” to the Sermon 3 anniversary compilation Sermon 4 Anniversary due in late August. What makes the track so extraordinary is how well arranged and composed it sounds and it’s produced by The Jupiter Keys.


The way the vocals pop and shake between squeals and electronic haze in masterful. The chaotic and dark tones intertwine with a pop sensibility and computer music touch. Keep in mind, this is not a pop track, though if all pop music were like this it’d be much more entertaining. The vocals that fall underneath the electronics creates its own sound that won’t leave your head after it plays.

The song can be heard above or on Bandcamp. Sermon 4 Anniversary is ready to preorder from Bandcamp ahead of its August 28 release date. Alice Glass is scheduled to perform at FEST Festival in Warsaw, Poland August 11-14, 2021.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of We Care Alot.



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