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Orville Peck Croons Into Our Hearts on Show Pony


In a short time, Canada’s Orville Peck went from virtual unknown to superstar. Adapting a crooner style to his country sound, his full length Pony was one of our favorites of 2019. Now on a big label, Peck has returned with a new EP Show Pony. While it ticks the boxes for his fans, he also explores new territory as well.

While the opener “Summertime” offers the slow burn, it still delivers Peck’s baritone in a new and refreshed way. The following track “No Glory in the West” is a bit more modern in its approach. It’s still far and away from the glitzy country Nashville is offering, but it definitely offers plenty of modern touches. On “Drive Me, Crazy” Peck stays within his slow paced tone yet here he sounds more personal and introspective.

“Kids” is much more upbeat and shows a different side to Peck that shies away from his debut. It’s not a big leap, but his vocals are more pursed and deliver plenty of different graces. And even though the closer “Fancy” has some of the more differing tones that the singer has offered up, it’s his track “Legends Never Die” with Shania Twain that really sparkles and stands out. The way the two artists work together here offers up plenty of melody and vocal heart. The two work well together and really make one another stand out without harming either’s image in the process. It’s a nice touch to Peck’s sound that continues to grow with each release.

Show Pony can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital music stores. It’s also available physically directly from Columbia Records.  Orville Peck will perform again beginning August 23 as a livestream until October 31, 2021 at Harryween in New York, NY. His complete tour schedule is available here. Due to COVID-19, some of these dates could be subject to change.

Image Credits: Photo by Tracy Hua.



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