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METZ Drops Anthemic New Single “Hail Taxi”


In many ways we feel like Canadian punks METZ can do no wrong. Serving as the rightful heirs to bands like Unwound, Sonic Youth and Slint, the band has always delivered a mess of chaos with whatever they release. Now that their upcoming full length Atlas Vending will be released in in October, their newest single “Hail Taxi”proves they aren’t deterring from their noisy sound anytime soon.

Opening with the noise induced chaos that the band brings, the drums sound like they were recorded in a fallout shelter. Mixing with searing guitars and shouted vocals, the song has a darkness that beams with a lighted end. Between the intense tones, the band sways with undercurrents of despair and hopelessness in a way they could only make intriguing. The video is just as depth inducing, offering imagery of a world reached by boat. The gurgled bass in the middle of the track is extraordinary, showcasing how far the band’s expansive sound has come since their early years.

You can view the video for “Hail Taxi” above or on YouTube. The song can be heard through all DSP’s. Atlas Vending can be preordered directly from Sub Pop Records on various formats before its October 09 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Norman Wong.

David Garrick

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