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PYNKIE Delivers New Single While Announcing New Album


For a minute now, New Jersey’s PYNKIE has swayed between indie rock and indie pop tones. While we’ve been waiting on something new for a while, she’s just announced her new album #37 due in October. An album dealing with her parents’ divorce, her lead single “Personality” is pretty catchy and it’s video is just as colorful.

The song has a catchy hook right from the jump. The mix of indie rock guitar with electronics makes for a more memorable tone before the vocals come in and begin to win your attention. The swoon of PYNKIE’s voice mixed with the upbeat stride gets met with a guitar noodling that draws you closer and closer. The bridge alone is masterful while the video has enough colorful imagery to delight even the color blind.

The video is ready to view above or on YouTube. “Personality” can be heard on all streaming platforms. #37 is available for preorder directly from House Arrest ahead of its October 16 release date.

Image Credits: Photo by Kelli McGuire.



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