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New Deftones Single is a Return to Form


It’s been four years since the world was told of a new album by Deftones. The long running highly acclaimed group has done everything except drop a new album, and it made long time fans curious when that would come. Of course now that we know OHMS will be coming in late September, the group’s rabid fan base is finally appeased. The band’s new single “Ohms” offers plenty of new tones while its overall sound is a return to form and offers the band’s best years on display in a new way.

The song has all of the intensity and well crafted touches that the band created in their salad days. While offering up a new version of that sound, the vocals come in like a painful apparition while the notes hit with precision and weight. The dark imagery intertwined with live footage of the band works perfectly with the heavy sounds from the music. There’s plenty here to unpack as to what the album will sound like. But it really just sounds like the band at their best in years.

The video for “Ohms” can be viewed above or on YouTube. The song can be streamed on all streaming sites. OHMS is available for preorder physically from Warner Records before its September 25 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Frank Maddocks.



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