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Clipping. Unleashes New Track and Announces Fifth Album


Clipping. is a band that has the ability to try new things and still hold on to their core sound. After last year’s There Existed and Addiction to Blood, the three piece proved they could shake things up with a darker and more intense approach to their music. Now they’ve announced a new album Visions of Bodies Being Burned due in October. While this is another installment in their horror core series, the group has also revealed a new song “Say the Name” and it’s darker and even more immense.

Repurposed lyrics made famous by Scarface of Geto Boys from “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” the dark beat and the dystopian synths offer a heavy tone without getting wild. While the flow is echoed and at times purposed, the track has a slow stride but still stays with you as it plays out. When the track lifts up in its instrumentation it quickly has plenty of light blasted in. The reversal of the darker sound lends itself to more space for even heftier riffs and tones to come in and change things up. It’s a gamble but it works and makes us more intrigued as to what’s next.

The single is ready to stream on all streaming platforms and the video is ready to watch above or on YouTube. Visons of Bodies Being Burned is available to preorder from Sub Pop Records ahead of its October 23 release date.

Image Credits: Photo Damien Malone.



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