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Nap Eyes Divulges Two B-Sides & Visuals For Each


Somewhere between the lean and the mean, a band like Nap Eyes exists. Jangled guitar, slacker confidence and vocals that pierce through the waves of discontent we all feel, the band brought it all on their latest release Snapshot Of A Beginner. As if that album weren’t enough to tickle your senses, the band has just released two B-Sides from the sessions, and they should both grab your attention.

With a relaxed demeanor, “Snake Oil” has this mix of happy go lucky and indie rock that feels closest to college radio rock from twenty years ago. While there’s no lifting here, the band definitely channels a lot while still offering the song up in their own style. The way the song slows at a point and gets intimate before ticking back up reveals how solid the band is at compositions.

For “Child’s Romance” the group relies on an almost surf rock tone. The ringing tones from the guitars, the organic hook that flows throughout and the upbeat stride lends itself to a focused direction. There’s a magic in how the song is arranged where the group sways between indie jangle and Southern charm. The twang filled riffs aloe should pull you in  and their well crafted songwriting keeps it.

Both visuals are ready to watch above or on YouTube. The songs can be streamed on all streaming sites. Snapshot Of A Beginner is ready to purchase in various formats directly from Jagjaguwar Records.

Image Credits: Photo by Colin Medley.



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