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September 2020

Jennifer Castle Reveals Hauntingly Beautiful New Single

With as much music that comes out nowadays, finding beautiful songs is not too difficult. However when you strip away the production and studio magic, it’s finding beautiful songwriting that’s becoming increasingly rare. For right at fifteen years, Canada’s Jennifer Castle has written some of the prettiest music you can get into your ears. More...More Please

Grandaddy Releases “The Crystal Lake (Piano Version) off Upcoming Reissue

Records age and if you’re lucky as an artist, they age well. We’ve gone through eras of them being reissued, remastered and reissued, remastered and reissued on various vinyl variants. All of which are welcomed. However what Grandaddy is doing for the 20th anniversary reissue of their album The Sophtware Slump is completely different. Yes...More Please