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Better Person Announces New Album and Unleashes Catchy New Single


There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Adam Byczkowski, but you may be more familiar with his stage name Better Person. The Berlin based artist has released some of the more intriguing music over his time performing. With a debut album Something To Lose just announced to be released in October, his new single “Something To Lose” should grab your ears and move your feet.

The song has this eighties sway, almost like light rock. Yet with the beat and falsetto vocals within, it’s so catchy that it just makes you want to bop your head and move your feet. It’s almost like chillwave meets seventies a.m. radio while still sounding original. The sheer magic of the arrangements makes for an intriguing track that hits you exactly how you want. The backing vocals alongside the stride of the song create an upbeat sound that’s infectious. The song is such a bop that you will more than likely place it on repeat before preordering his debut.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube. The single is ready to stream wherever you stream music. Something To Lose can be preordered directly from Arbutus Records before its October 23 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Tess Roby.



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