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The Wheel Workers Release Unreleased Track From Lost Album


Few bands have a diverse palette of sounds at their disposal. For those who do, the myriad of tones they bring to their music is exemplary and enticing. When we first caught Houston’s The Wheel Workers, we were amazed at how diverse they were. Before we had them on our radar, the band had a different name and a different sound that still amazes anyone who hears it. With a “lost” debut album coming soon from their days when they were known as The Wheel Works, the band has dropped a remastered track “Dangerously High” that showcases their diverse sound.


Remastered by Dan Workman, the track gets to the heart of who the band was at the time. Pleasing the original lineup, the song offers a psych touched sound that’s grandiose without feeling overdone. With a build that offers plenty of harmonic touches, the band sways between what sounds like a dream world into the present with ease. The dual vocals that open things up have this gazing feel before the intermingled notes dance like fireflies in the evening. When the build breaks, the payoff is bombastic and hearty while revealing the orchestrated instrumentation within.

“Dangerously High” is available to her above or on Bandcamp. The song will be made available to stream on all streaming sites on September 09 before the full length album gets released at the end of this month.

Image Credits: Photo by Evan Kolvoord.



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