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Jesse Kivel Releases New Song and Announces New Album


There are plenty of new songs and albums coming out this year. Despite the pandemic and tours being cancelled or postponed, music will still come out and we can all rejoice in what we get to hear. There’s a good chance that you aren’t familiar with Los Angeles artist Jesse Kivel. While his music flows across strands of genres, his new single “William” off of his upcoming album Infinite Jess should encapsulate your ears and hold on to them.

While the track opens with ambient touches, the rings of guitar that hop on and off the track offer more weight. Against a beat, Kivel offers his vocals up as a marker between the music and the narrative. There’s a flowing tone to the song, giving way to echoes of sound and melodic touches that stick in your head. When keys come in, the song offers hazy nuance that sways into a more contemporary sound mixed with eighties tones. It works and slowly grabs a hold of you in a way that makes the song difficult to let go of.

The song is ready to hear above or on all streaming platforms. Infinite Jess is ready to preorder on a limited edition vinyl directly from New Feelings Records before its November 13 release. It can also be presaved on all streaming sites or preordered in all digital outlets.

Image Credits: Photo by David Kitz.



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