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War On Women Unleash New Single and New Album Details


For a minute now the fierce sounds of Baltimore’s War On Women have enticed everyone who’s heard them. After some time away the hardcore band is back with a new single and a new album. While the full length Wonderful Hell won’t be out until late October, their new single “Wonderful Hell” will definite get anyone who hears it to click on the preorder.

The song opens slowly with these reversed notes. Almost like a prelude to chaos, when the feedback begins, the song gets going and it goes hard. The snappy stride of the song doesn’t disappoint while the vocals howl with an unmatched intensity. The words stay with you due to how the song is mixed, but it’s the melodic touches that keep the song in your head. While the additional backing vocals keep it all at the front of your mind, the band’s harder edge proves the band hasn’t slowed down.

The lyric video can be seen above or on YouTube. “Wonderful Hell” can be heard wherever you stream music. The album Wonderful Hell is available to preorder from Bridge Nine Records ahead of its October 30 release.

Image Credits: Photo by Julia Schwendner.



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